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Life ReNewed Ministries, Inc

Our Purpose and Mission

From the very start, our intent has always been about three things: GLORIFY GOD; EDIFY THE CHURCH BODY; REACH THE LOST.  With those aspects of who we are as the foundation of this ministry we seek to be intentional in what we do and how.  To that end, we believe totally in the Bible and the teachings contained within.  We do not avoid so-called difficult issues that seem to pull at the fabric of culture today, because we truly believe that the Word of God addresses how we should live and how we should influence culture.  The Bible is inspired by God and is necessary for life.  While many choose to ignore the teachings of the Bible--we do not!  The Bible is God's precious Word to everyone and we are intentional in living by the high standards contained in the pages of the Bible.


This ministry was started in May 2007 under the leadership of our founding pastor, Dr. Gary L. French and his wife, Marianne.  And Life ReNewed Ministries was birthed!   The ministry is fiscally responsible, accountable, and financially sound.   And we believe that faith and politics cannot be separated


In 2007, God gave a vision to our founding pastor, Dr. Gary L. French and his wife, Marianne, to start a ministry called Life ReNewed Ministries (but many call us simply Life Church).  So they found an old candle factory and without any money were able to purchase a half million dollar building on four acres and started holding worship services.  You have to come hear the rest of the story in person to hear how this all came about!  It is miraculous.  The desire has always been to have a place of worship that was not "doing church as usual."  So using our three core beliefs of Glorify God; Edify the Body; and Reach the Lost, our desire has been to have a church that avoids "Business meetings," "Committees," "Focus Groups," or anything that reflected business model instead of a house of worship and service.  God has called His children to do but one thing:  Make disciples!  The ministry is fiscally responsible, accountable, and financially sound.  We have a strong board of directors who are Spirit-filled led by a pastor who listens closely to the Holy Spirit.